Victorville Appliance Repair

A malfunctioning appliance should not be thrown away. Instead, call J&M Appliance for the best, low-cost appliance repair company in Victorville. An appliance repair is usually much cheaper than buying a new unit, so you need to call our reputable appliance repair company because we have trained technicians and the best customer service around.

Our appliance repair company in Victorville provides services for all appliances, including kitchen appliances, laundry room appliances, specialty appliances, and more.

Necessary Kitchen Appliances

It is important that you keep your kitchen appliances running so that they do not stop working when you need them. Kitchen appliances are used to help you prepare food, keep food at the proper temperature during storage, and even save you space. Other kitchen appliances can be used to help keep your kitchen and your home clean.

Stovetop & Cooktop

Most kitchens have either a stovetop on their oven or a cooktop on a counter. You might need a stovetop repair service or a cooktop repair service if your appliance isn’t functioning properly. For example, you might need to repair your appliance if:

  • It doesn’t turn on or off
  • There’s poor temperature regulation
  • You have broken controls
  • The surface is cracked or broken

In the event that your stove or cooktop is showing one of these signs of damage, you should call us to send a Victorville appliance repair technician to your home.


Your wall oven or stand-alone oven needs to be capable of cooking and reheating food at high temperatures. The following are signs that it needs to be repaired:

  • It doesn’t turn on or off
  • It doesn’t heat correctly
  • Controls are inoperable
  • The door is cracked or broken

Victorville appliance repair companies, like J&M Appliance, can help you with oven repair services if your oven is not working properly.


Defrosting or reheating food in a microwave is usually quick and easy. If your microwave isn’t working, then it might take longer to heat your food. There are several signs that microwave repair is needed, including:

  • It doesn’t turn on or off
  • The turntable doesn’t spin
  • Buttons are inoperable
  • It makes unfamiliar sounds
  • It has an electrical smell

Choosing J&M’s Victorville appliance repair service for your microwave repair needs.

Vent Hood

If you have a vent hood installed over your cooktop, it is important to keep it in good working order to prevent smoke damage in your kitchen. Some of the signs that your hood needs servicing are:

  • Inability to turn on or off
  • Not removing smoke from the area
  • Not removing excess heat from the area
  • Making an unusual noise

Our local Victorville appliance repair company can help you if you need vent hood repairs.


It is imperative to maintain the temperature of your refrigerator so that food doesn’t spoil or breed bacteria. Your fridge must be repaired if it’s not running consistently, leaking, or not holding temperature. Appliance repair companies like J&M Appliance provide quick refrigerator repairs.


In addition to refrigerators, freezers are also important appliances that provide temperature control for your food, preventing food from freezing, unfreezing, and then freezing again. Some of the signs that indicate you need freezer repair include build-up of frost, lack of temperature control, water leaks, and not running.

If you notice any of these signs, hire our local appliance repair contractors to perform timely freezer repair services.

Wine Cooler

Wine should be stored and served at a specific temperature. A wine cooler helps you maintain the perfect temperature and keep your wine fresh. You might need wine cooler repair if:

  • The unit isn’t running
  • You see water leaks
  • There is excess condensation
  • It doesn’t stay at the set temperature
  • Buttons or controls are not working properly

Repairs for wine coolers can be performed by our Victorville appliance repair company with minimal downtime, so your wine stays cool.


A dishwasher is another essential kitchen appliance because it sanitizes your dishes and helps to maintain cleanliness. Dishwasher repair is needed if:

  • It doesn’t run or complete the cycle
  • Soap is not dispensing
  • Dishes are left dirty after completing a cycle
  • Water leaks or there’s condensation

If your dishwasher isn’t working properly, we can repair it for you. Our appliance repair services, including dishwasher repair services, are available near you.

Trash Compactor

You can use trash compactors in your kitchen to keep it clean and save space by smashing the trash and compacting it. Trash compactors can fit more trash in the same space as you crush the trash when they’re working. In Victorville, you can rely on J&M’s local appliance repair service for trash compactor repair.

Laundry Room Appliances

Laundry room appliances are often as important as kitchen appliances. A malfunctioning washing machine or dryer can cause water damage, damage to your clothing, or even cause a house fire if left in disrepair. You might need a washer or dryer repair if your unit doesn’t turn on or off, doesn’t complete the wash or dry cycle, clothes smell after they’ve been washed, the dryer overheats, and more.


Make sure that your washer runs smoothly and keep your clothes clean by having it repaired when you first notice a problem. Getting Victorville appliance repair near you can easily resolve your washer repair needs.


It is important to keep your dryer running smoothly to prevent overheating. Overheating can damage your clothes and even cause a potential house fire. Our local appliance repair company can assist you with your dryer repair services.

Why You Should Hire J&M Appliance

The best appliance repair company to contact in Victorville is J&M Appliance. Our local, family-owned company has proudly served the community for over 30 years. We’re more than happy to take a look at one of your household appliances if it’s not working properly.

J&M Appliance employs only experienced technicians who are professional and factory trained. We offer quick services at affordable rates. Call us for local appliance repair service to maintain and improve the performance of your appliances.