Apple Valley Appliance Repair

Do you have an appliance that’s not working correctly? Instead of rushing out to replace an appliance that’s not working, call J&M’s appliance repair service near you for help with diagnosing, resolving, and repairing issues. We have helped customers with everything from cooktop repair service to trash compactor repair and everything in between. When you call J&M Appliance repair service, you can not only save yourself time and money, but you can also extend the life of your appliance.

Benefits of Hiring an Appliance Repair Company

The technicians at our reputable appliance repair company are factory-trained and have experience repairing household appliances. They are able to diagnose the problem and order factory parts, and then use these parts to repair your appliance. In comparison with purchasing entirely new appliances, repair services will cost you a lot less.

What Appliances Can Be Repaired

Over time, kitchen appliances, laundry room appliances, and other household appliances wear down, break, or have electrical issues. J&M Appliance helps customers with common household appliances and can identify when repair is needed.

Cooktops & Ovens

In many cases, cooktops are included in oven units, but it is also possible for these units to be separate appliances in your kitchen. Stovetops are either mounted on top of the oven or installed on the countertop and commonly have a glass top.

It may be necessary to repair one or both of these appliances if:

  • The unit does not turn on
  • Burners do not hold heat
  • Controls or knobs are broken
  • The unit makes strange noises or emits foul odors
  • You notice a broken glass top or door

If your stovetop or oven shows any of these signs of disrepair, be sure to call us for stovetop repair service for fast and easy oven repair service.

Vent Hoods

Vent hoods are another important appliance in your kitchen. Vent hoods are used to remove smoke that is generated while you’re cooking. If the vent hood isn’t removing smoke from above your cooking area, it’s possible that you need vent hood repair to prevent smoke damage in your kitchen.


Most kitchens have dishwashers to clean and sanitize dishes and utensiels. Call us for dishwasher repair service if you notice any of the following:

  • The unit doesn’t turn on
  • The cycle stops mid-wash
  • There are leaks
  • Your dishes come out dirty

Stop washing dishes by hand and get your dishwasher running like new again with our local Apple Valley appliance repair services.


Your washer is essential to keeping your clothes clean, so if you notice that it’s not doing its job, there’s probably something wrong with it. If your washer stops mid-cycle, doesn’t clean your clothes as cleanly as it did before, damages your clothes, or won’t release its lid lock, you should have your washer repaired.

J&M’s Apple Valley appliance repair can assist in diagnosing the problem and help to prevent the potential water damage that may occur if the washing machine is left unattended and it overflows.


Normally, a dryer works to dry clothes and filter out lint during the drying process. If your dryer isn’t working correctly, it doesn’t dry clothes the way it once did, makes strange noises, or smells strange, call J&M Appliance for Apple Valley appliance repair services.

If left unrepaired or in disrepair, a dryer can overheat or cause a house fire if it doesn’t get the necessary dryer repair service. Our team will work to find a solution and keep your home safe.

Refrigerators & Freezers

Keeping your refrigerator and freezer in excellent working condition is crucial to ensuring your food stays at the right temperature. It may be necessary to contact our refrigerator and freezer repair company if your appliance no longer holds the proper temperature, leaks water, sounds strange, or quits working.

Calling J&M Appliance for repair services can save you money too. Refrigerator repair can help to fix any problems the refrigerator may have and prevent you from having to throw out food that’s not been stored properly.

Taking action as soon as an issue arises with your freezer is also important. Food in the freezer can go rancid or get freezer burn if the temperature fluctuates and the food is able to defrost and then refreeze.


A microwave repair service may be needed if you don’t hear any sounds from the microwave, the turntable isn’t rotating, the controls aren’t working, or you smell an electrical smell. It is often necessary to defrost or reheat food in the microwave, so make sure your microwave is working properly so you can cook.

When your microwave needs repair, ask our local appliance repair service in Apple Valley to help. You may not need to replace your microwave if we can repair it.

Trash Compactor

In case your trash compactor does not function correctly, you might need the services of an Apple Valley appliance repair technician. A trash compactor that does not function correctly may not compact as strongly as when you first got it, might not compact the trash at all, or it might not turn on or off.

To have your trash compactor working like new again, our Apple Valley appliance repair can order and install the factory parts you need to make the appliance work like new again.

Wine Cooler

You may have a wine cooler if keeping wine at the recommended temperature is important to you. Call our appliance repair company to complete wine cooler repair service if your wine cooler doesn’t work or doesn’t keep wine at the set temperature.

Why Choose J&M Appliance

J&M Appliance is a reputable appliance repair company that’s proudly served customers in Apple Valley and the surrounding area since the 1980s. We only employ highly trained and experienced technicians who are professional and provide top-notch customer service.

When you need low-cost appliance repair, you need to call J&M Appliance for fast and reliable service. As Apple Valley’s premier appliance repair contractor, J&M Appliance provides quality repairs at affordable rates. If you’re looking for quality Apple Valley appliance repair near you, look no further than J&M Appliance.