Fontana Appliance Repair

Appliances are often thrown out when they stop working but there could be more life left in your appliance than you realize. Instead of tossing out an appliance that isn’t working or that isn’t working properly, you should call a local appliance repair service in Fontana. An appliance repair service should be able to diagnose the problem, order parts, and make repairs for you.

Take a look at common signs that your appliance needs to be looked at by an appliance repair company. After that learn how to choose a Fontana appliance repair company.

Signs That You Need an Appliance Repair Contractor

Appliances break down in various ways based on the type of the appliance, how often the appliance has been maintained, and the age of the appliance. Below is a guide of signs that your appliances may demonstrate that let you know it may be in need of repair.

Cooktop & Stovetop

You might need a cooktop repair service or stovetop repair service if your appliance won’t turn on, won’t turn off, doesn’t heat up, or doesn’t regulate the temperature properly. Don’t let a cracked or broken cooking surface stop you from cooking at home. Call a Fontana appliance repair company to get your cooktop back to peak condition.


Ovens come in many styles, including a wall unit and a complete unit with a stovetop. If your oven stops working then you may not be able to cook.

An oven repair service might be needed if your appliance won’t turn on, won’t turn off, doesn’t hold temperature, or doesn’t regulate the temperature that you set. You may also need repair service if the knobs are broken, the door is broken, or the glass is cracked.

Vent Hood

Vent hoods are important because they remove smoke that forms in your kitchen when you are cooking. If your vent hood is left unrepaired then you could experience staining from the smoke buildup on your cabinets, walls, ceilings, and furniture. Vent hood repair is needed if the appliance doesn’t turn on, doesn’t turn off, or doesn’t remove smoke from the cooking area like it used to.


Dishwashers help you to quickly and efficiently clean your dishes and keep your kitchen in order. Appliance repair in Fontana might be needed for your dishwasher if it doesn’t turn on, doesn’t turn off, quits mid-cycle, doesn’t go through the drying process properly, or leaks. It is important to call for a dishwasher repair service in the event of a leak so that water damage doesn’t occur.

Washing Machine & Dryer

Washers and dryers are necessary to do laundry quickly from start to finish. If left unrepaired these appliances could cause water damage or a house fire. Call an appliance repair company in Fontana if you believe that your washer, dryer, or both could benefit from a repair.

You might need washer repair service if the appliance doesn’t turn on, doesn’t turn off, quits mid-cycle, or leaks. You may also need repair service if the washer damages your clothes or clothes come out less clean than when you first got the washer.


Dryer repair service might be needed if your dryer doesn’t turn on, doesn’t turn off, quits mid-cycle, doesn’t heat up properly, or doesn’t dry your clothes. You may also need to call for repair service if the dryer emits an unusual smell.

Refrigerator & Freezer

A refrigerator repair or freezer repair service should be called if you notice that either of the appliances is not cooling or holding temperature properly. This could your food to spoil or stay above a safe temperature for too long causing unwanted bacteria growth. Additionally, if you notice a leak, frost build-up, have a water dispenser that isn’t working, or have an ice maker that isn’t working you should call an appliance repair company.


Microwaves are one of the most utilized appliances in some kitchens. They are used to heat up food, defrost food, and more. If you think that you need microwave repair call for an appliance inspection and diagnosis. Microwave repair service might be needed if your microwave won’t turn on, won’t turn off, doesn’t spin the turntable, the buttons don’t work, or the microwave isn’t heating properly.

Trash Compactor

Trash compactors can help you save space in your home by crushing trash. You may be in need of trash compactor repair if the appliance doesn’t turn on, doesn’t turn off, stops mid-cycle, or doesn’t compact trash as well as it once did.

Wine Cooler

It is often suggested that wine be stored and served at a specific temperature. Wine coolers are able to maintain a set temperature, but you may need wine cooler repair if your appliance isn’t working properly. Signs that it isn’t working correctly include not turning on, not turning off, shutting off unprompted, controls not working, and the unit not cooling or staying cooled like it did when purchased.

How to Choose a Local Appliance Repair Service

There are many appliance repair companies in your local area, but do you know which one you should choose? To choose an appliance repair service near you look for the following qualities in a Fontana appliance repair service.

  • Choose a company that has experienced technicians
  • Repair technicians should have factory training
  • A local, family-owned business is best
  • Choose a company that uses factory parts in repairs
  • Hire a company that offers a parts and service warranty

It is important to remember that not all low-cost appliance repair companies are able to provide you with the above qualities.

Why You Should Choose J&M Appliance

You should choose J&M Appliance because they consistently exceed their customer’s expectations. Experienced, factory-trained technicians use factory parts to make the repairs you need. Quality repairs are completed at affordable rates. A warranty is available on appliance parts and labor.

J&M is a local, family-owned business that has served the community for more than 30 years. Look no further for a Fontana appliance repair company near you.